Clearing a construction site is the process of removing trees, bushes, and even surface soil to prepare the land for a development project. While it might seem like clearing a site is a straightforward job, it’s important to follow a process that has been designed to set up the site properly for the rest of the project and to make sure crews are able to work safely.

The Generation Groundworks Construction team has the experience and training to prepare your construction site for a successful project from the first weed to the final stump.  The first step when clearing land is removing vegetation. On properties with underbrush, trees, and large bushes, it’s necessary to clear out the underbrush first. By removing underbrush, we are able to use the safest and most effective equipment and techniques to clear out the larger vegetation and stones.

Tree removal can be dangerous, but it’s crucial to remove the root systems. This protects any structures from potential damage caused by wood rot. Once we clear the vegetation, we evaluate the surface soil. In many cases, surface soil isn’t stable enough to support the foundation of a structure due to roots and other materials that contaminate it. This soil is removed from the site. Then we grade the site which prepares it for building structures or paving.