Residential and commercial demolition is the task of dismantling and removing all materials that once were used in the construction of an existing inhabitable structure. Usually, the main objective for the residential demolition request of a structure, is to restore the property to its pre-construction condition. This allows the property to become a “blank canvas” for future development opportunities. To achieve this goal, several factors need to be considered which include ordinances/regulations that are attached to the property as well as the location of the structure on the property, accessibility, and magnitude of the project to name a few.

It is important to remember that most structures have a designed lifespan and are built to withstand the elements. Residential and commercial demolition goes against that concept and incorporates whatever means necessary to destroy a structure that was built to endure. In other words, this is not a weekend DIY project but a specialized job that should be completed by a professional like Generation Groundworks.